‘I’m sensing something big’ – Stunning Tottenham takeover statement made after Daniel Levy reveal

Tottenham news as Spurs takeover talk ramps up yet again following Daniel Levy’s investment statement in the 2022/23 accounts

Former Aston Villa and Everton CEO Keith Wyness has claimed that “something big” could be around the corner for possible minority investment at Tottenham. It comes just days after Daniel Levy revealed that the club was “in discussions” to generate additional funds from external sources.

Spurs are already one of the most sustainable clubs in the Premier League under the British millionaire’s watch as chairman but are now aiming to increase revenues yet more to keep on improving. Competing against state-funded sides across the world, Tottenham continues to have the challenge of turning their strong financial situation into on-field success.

“Our turnover has exceeded half a billion pounds for the first time,” said Levy in the breakdown of Tottenham’s 2022/23 accounts. “Whilst UEFA monies contributed, this has also been driven by increased stadium revenues from both football and non-football events and additional revenue streams.

“This is the impact of our multi-use stadium and what our board has been focussed on delivering to invest in our football in a financially sustainable manner. The absolute priority for our club is to deliver on-pitch success.”

Tottenham are currently owned by majority shareholders Enic Group, with Levy also holding a minority share as well. Their impressive recent financial results and ambition to cement themselves as a consistent top-level team in Europe has led to more public willingness to entertain offers from prospective investors, though.

After Levy wrote in the club’s official accounts that “the board and its advisors, Rothschild & Co, are in discussions with prospective investors,” the topic of a takeover has surfaced once again. Only last year there were reports that Tottenham could be of interest to former Manchester United suitor Sheikh Jassim, as well as American rapper Jay-Z, Formula One owners Liberty Media, MSP Sports Capital, and Qatari Sports Investments – who own Paris Saint-Germain.

Wyness has explained that things could be moving once again. He told the Football Insider podcast: “I’ve been involved in discussions with several groups who have a genuine interest in trying to get minority ownership at Spurs. But most groups want a view to buying a majority stake in the club.

“Some of the biggest names in the world of finance have been involved in the discussions. Rothschilds are the advisors for Spurs, and they’ve had a share on the market for years now – but no one has quite been able to find an agreement yet.”

Wyness believes that there could be more change to the inner workings of Tottenham soon. “I’m sensing something big is coming up in the summer – when this deal for a minority stake could get much closer,” he added.

“Even Levy is looking towards the future now. They’re doing so after showing such great numbers. There’s a big vision to redevelop assets in a great area, so if there’s someone there to work with them – it would be great.”

Levy himself has not shied away from discussing how Spurs are impacted by the “significantly” changing financial landscape of the top flight. “Understandably, some fans call for more spending, much of which is unsustainable for many clubs,” said in February 2023

“We are competing in a league in which we have seen increased sovereign wealth ownership and consortia finance; and in a league where the spending power is now vested in the hands of a few who dominate and can distort the market.

“We welcome the changes to the governance of the game which will compel greater financial sustainability and financial fair play (FFP). Major changes have been introduced in Europe around FFP regulations, including the newly launched UEFA financial sustainability rules, the full impact of which will be felt from season 2025/26.

“They are based on three pillars: solvency, stability, and cost control and clubs will have three seasons to adjust to them,” he added. “Many expect that these new rules will be a game changer for the sport. Even tighter regulations may follow.”

Levy added in a separate interview last year, “We have 30,000 shareholders who own approximately 13.5 percent. We run this club as if it is a public company. If anyone wants to make a serious proposition to the board of Tottenham we would consider it, along with our advisers, and if we felt it was in the interests of the club we would be open to anything.”