‘Going to be some player’: Alasdair Gold has been told Spurs have a youngster who’ll explode in 2025

Tottenham Hotspur have plenty of exciting young players on their books right now.

From Alfie Devine to Ashley Phillips, Spurs have some young stars who are just waiting to make that step up to the next level.

However, perhaps the most exciting youngster Spurs have at the moment is Lucas Bergvall.

The young Scandinavian was signed in the winter transfer window, and it’s fair to say that he looks like an exciting prospect. After all, Barcelona was after him too.

So, what can we expect from Bergvall next season? Well, speaking on the Gold and Guest Talk Tottenham Podcast, Alasdair Gold has shared what he’s heard about this young man and his potential.

What to expect from Lucas Bergvall

Gold spoke about the young midfielder and his potential.

“I’m intrigued to see what type of player we’ll get. I think people will have to be patient with him though. Even people around him have said ‘Look you have to give him about six months’ They think to adapt, but, he’s going to be some player,” Gold said.