Planning a title parade can be quite the operation! Arsenal must be optimistic about their chances. Have there been any hints about the route or festivities they’re considering?

Arsenal have not been able to conduct a trophy parade since 2015 despite winning two FA Cups in the time since Arsene Wenger beat Aston Villa 4-0. As their title race continues nine years later, there is a chance that a victory against the odds with Manchester City currently in the driving seat could prompt the need for one.

The club will certainly be aware of this and will be planning for the possibility, not through any arrogance or assumptions, but just simply because of the organisation needed to pull off such an event. Parades include large residential areas being shut down and filled with people.

Arsenal won the FA Cup under Arteta in 2020 but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they weren’t able to celebrate the victory with fans in the stadium and subsequently unable to host a parade in the streets of Highbury. It was a strange time and remains the last major trophy won by Arteta despite now challenging for the title in a second successive season.

In 2017 there was no pandemic stopping a trophy parade after Wenger managed an unlikely win over then-champions Chelsea in the FA Cup final. Arsenal announced that there would not be a parade before the final had even taken place.

At the time, the nation’s security threat had been placed at critical and police were already under immense pressure. The Gunners had planned a screening of the game at the Emirates Stadium but announced this would be cancelled alongside the potential for a parade.

Therefore, fast forward back to the present day and the chance of a parade has returned. Looking back to the 2015 parade we can get some hints as to what it could entails