It’s not every day you hear about an athlete turning down a national team invite for a unique hobby like turkey hunting. Charlie Lindgren must be passionate about his outdoor pursuits!

Charlie Lindgren’s priorities are absolutely in order.

After having the biggest season of his hockey career with the Washington Capitals, Lindgren earned a prestigious invite to Team USA’s World Championship team but ultimately turned down the experience.

“That’s something that I’m not going to go this year,” Lindgren said on Capitals’ Breakdown Day on Tuesday. “Obviously, very thankful for the opportunity and getting a chance to put on the USA sweater but I’m not going to go this year.”

Lindgren was then asked if his decision was related to his heavy workload this season. According to the Capitals’ Mike Vogel, no NHL goaltender started more games (34 of 43), played in more games (35), or logged more minutes (2,005) than Lindgren from January 13 to the end of the season. He also started all four playoff games for the Caps.