“A beautiful view” – Aryna Sabalenka teases Novak Djokovic during Australian Open charity match, Maria Sakkari jokes ‘her boyfriend won’t be happy’

Aryna Sabalenka and Novak Djokovic got playful during their Australian Open mixed doubles charity match at the Rod Laver Arena against Maria Sakkari and Stefanos Tsitsipas on Thursday, January 11. The Belarusian teased the Serb as she prepared to serve, leading to quite a hilarious exchange between them.

Djokovic began the conversation by asking Sabalenka to watch his hand gestures carefully while he stood at the net, so that she would make the right play on her serve. The 25-year-old, however, didn’t understand what the Serb was trying to indicate with his hands.

Aryna Sabalenka then took her serving stance but was interrupted by her partner wiggling his butt at the net. She couldn’t help but insist that she had been treated to a “beautiful view”, leaving the entire Rod Laver crowd in splits.

While Novak Djokovic was red-faced at her remark, he seemed to approve of the crowd’s reaction. Maria Sakkari also chimed in from across the court, claiming that Sabalenka’s boyfriend, Konstantin Koltsov, would be upset with the interaction.

The Belarusian, however, nonchalantly replied that he wouldn’t watch the charity match’s replay hopefully. Here is how the conversation unfolded:

DJOKOVIC: I’m gonna show you a couple of signals, you know? *Gestures with his fingers at the net*

SABALENKA: Can people help me understand what he’s showing? Wow, what a beautiful view I have! *as Djokovic wiggles his butt at the net*

Sakkari: I’m sure your boyfriend won’t be happy with that!

SABALENKA: I hope he’s not gonna watch it!

Who is Aryna Sabalenka’s boyfriend Konstantin Koltsov?

Aryna Sabalenka's boyfriend is a former hockey player

Aryna Sabalenka’s boyfriend is a former hockey player

Aryna Sabalenka and Konstantin Koltsov began dating in 2021. Koltsov, 42, is a former ice hockey player who has competed in the National Hockey League (NHL). Although there is a 17-year gap between the two, their relationship has only blossomed over the last few years.

Koltsov had a brief spell with the Pittsburgh Penguins from 1999 to 2006, after which he primarily competed in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) until his retirement in 2016. The Belarusian was previously married to Julija Milahilova.

The former hockey player has been occasionally spotted supporting his girlfriend from the players’ box at the Majors. The two are, in fact, so close that the Belarusian World No. 2 went as far as to joke about getting pregnant with Koltsov’s baby last year.