‘Could be intrigued’: Journalist says 44-year-old could go to Tottenham if Levy gives him control

Tim Steidten could be tempted to join Tottenham as the new Sporting Director if he is given a sense of autonomy by Daniel Levy.

That is according to Constantin Eckner who was speaking on The Tottenham Way Podcast.

The journalist was discussing Steidten after he was linked with both Chelsea and Tottenham, and he says that a move to Spurs could well appeal to him if he is allowed to have total control of the backroom situation.

Indeed, the reporter said that if Steidten is given a transfer budget and a free reign to sign the players he wants to, he will be keen to join Spurs.

Steidten will join if given control
Eckner shared what he knows about the Sporting Director.

“Steidten has been linked with Chelsea, but I think there’s a greater chance to get him if he’s promised to be the man in charge at Tottehnam. If he is given financial resources and a budget and is allowed to find players and sign them. If he has some autonomy and independence and doesn’t have to knock on Daniel Levy’s door everyday, he could be intrigued by that,” Eckner said.

Easier said than done
Eckner says that Steidten would come to Spurs if he was given plenty of control, but sadly, that is easier to say than to actually do.

Indeed, with Daniel Levy at the top of the hierarchy and a new manager who is bound to have their own ideas set to come in, there’s going to, once again, be a real mis-mash of ideas in the Tottenham backroom.

The sad reality is that Spurs can’t promise Steidten that he’ll be allowed total control, and perhaps that means he won’t be coming to north London after all.