‘Get rid’: Redknapp says 2 ‘really good managers’ ready to replace Conte at Tottenham

Jamie Redknapp thinks there are ‘two really good managers’ in Mauricio Pochettino and Thomas Tuchel that are ready to replace Antonio Conte at Tottenham Hotspur.

This comes after Conte’s outburst when Spurs let a 3-1 lead slip to draw 3-3 at bottom-of-the-table Southampton on Saturday in the Premier League.

Is Conte looking for the sack? Well, Redknapp certainly feels the Italian is asking for it given his rant, as he told Sky Sports Premier League (18/03/23).

It’s pretty clear that his comments, weren’t just because his team dropped points at St Mary’s, but this has been building up all season long.

And, before players can head out for the international break, he verbally let loose to raise the question ‘Will Daniel Levy sack Conte before domestic football returns to action?’

Well, former Tottenham midfielder Jamie Redknapp is fully aware of how Levy operates, as he reacted to Conte’s emotional speech.

“It feels almost, with what he said there, that his position has become almost untenable, said Redknapp. “I don’t really see where this goes from here. I said it earlier in the season, after the Nottingham Forest game, I felt he was talking his way out of a job.

“He talks about the players. When you start singling out your team and your players. That’s a short-fire way of losing that dressing room. I don’t see that one. I think he’s mainly talking about the owners and having spent 15 years there.

“There are two options out there. Two really good managers. One that he (Levy) has had before, whether you go back? They say ‘you never go back’ in Pochettino.

“And, the other one, who is a fantastic manager, is Thomas Tuchel. They are two options that you think you can maybe go back to. If you think this is going to be detrimental to the team, the squad and the environment you are trying to create, then you get rid of another manager.

Whether Conte is sacked, or if he leaves at the end of the season, it’s pretty obvious that he won’t be at the club next season.

So, what is the point of hanging onto him? Spurs are just delaying the inevitable.

Even previously, when things were going well and Conte was being backed in the transfer market, he still wasn’t showing the commitment to sign a new contract, so has his heart ever been set on the long-term?

The answer is a big fat ‘no’ and now it’s time to get rid, move on and bring someone in who is, at least, on the page to build Tottenham for the next five years, not the next five minutes.