Harry Kane almost assuredly staying at Tottenham after latest developments

After the recent news out of Manchester, there’s a high probability Harry Kane will stay at Tottenham for the 2023-24 season.

Manchester United dropped out of the chase to sign Kane after Daniel Levy and company repelled their initial advances.

Levy never intended allowing a Premier League rival to get their grubby hands on Kane, whose goalscoring proficiency would have set United up perfectly for a title run.

Even if Erik ten Hag convinced United to pay a disproportionately swollen fee, which they did not, Levy would have considered scuppering the deal.

Kane, probably the most valuable player to his club of any top-flight team, cannot be allowed to waltz into Old Trafford and run roughshod over the entire league.

I’m acutely aware that Kane could go to United on a free transfer at this time next year. But, if the unthinkable happens, at least Tottenham has a year to rehabilitate and correct course.

With the United door slammed shut, where does that leave Kane?
Most likely at Hotspur Way, at least until his contract expires at the end of the 2023-24 season. Now that United has pulled out, his options in the Premier League are non-existent.

He can never transfer to Arsenal, and the Chelsea option, while more feasible, is still highly improbable. Kane has unflappable integrity, and going to Chelsea would rub him and millions of Spurs supporters the wrong way.

Ultimately, a move to Stamford Bridge would tarnish his Spurs’ legend, and he cannot swallow that poisonous pill.

Manchester City is also out of the question after they put their faith in Erling Haaland. Not a bad call, I suppose.

Which leaves Newcastle, and with the utmost respect to Alan Shearer and his beloved Magpies, there’s as much chance of Kane signing with Chelsea.

Continental options have also run desert dry, at least in the meantime, with Real Madrid pulling out of contention.

Kane already had reservations about leaving England, even before Real Madrid withdrew their interest.Based on his current trajectory, Tottenham’s all-time goalscoring leader is about a season and a half from adding the Premier League’s all-time scoring leader to his list of ever-growing personal accolades.

Eclipsing Shearer will be his crowning personal achievement. And it’s not a matter of if but when. That might not be the case if he left for one of Europe’s other elite leagues.

He’d have to put on hold for at least a few years the notion of sitting atop the Premier League’s all-time goalscoring chart.

And what other European team, without Madrid’s gleaming allure to entice, would turn Kane’s head?

Ligue 1 isn’t good enough for Kane to consider a move to PSG. That’s a moot point, as the French champions haven’t disclosed any interest in Kane.

They might, however, if Kylian Mbappe absconds the French capital, an outcome looking more probable daily.Bayern Munich would be an interesting option for the Englishman, but Thomas Tuchel and company have yet to profess any desire to secure Kane’s services.

And that’s the exhaustive list of continental options.

So, while Daniel Levy is playing a risky game where Kane is concerned, what option does he have?

Which is worse: Selling Kane to a Premier League rival now or watching him leave on a free transfer at the end of next season?

Think long and hard before you commit to an answer. I’ve reached my conclusion.

At least there’s a chance, if he stays, a glimmer of hope to retain Kane’s services after the 2023-24 season.

Who knows, he might score 40 Premier League goals in his final year under contract thanks to Ange’s genius (fingers crossed), erasing the record just set by Haaland, who City preferred over Kane.He might win the FA Cup and secure his first piece of silverware or secure a top-four spot, returning Tottenham to the Champions League.

If any of those things miraculously happen, Kane might be compelled to sign a contract extension. At least with that option, there’s hope.

And hope is the best thing Tottenham supporters can ask for, at least currently.Selling him to a rival now would obliterate that glimmer of hope. So let’s roll the dice, keep Kane for one more season, and see how the dust settles after the 2023-24 campaign.