‘He’s gone’: Journalist thinks he knows who Tottenham’s manager will be next season

Speaking to Off The Ball, The Sun’s Chief Sports Writer, Martin Lipton, has been discussing Tottenham Hotspur’s managerial situation and what will happen next in north London.

Antonio Conte seems to be as good as gone come the end of the season at Spurs. He looks disengaged at the club, results aren’t going their way, and his contract is up in the summer.

So, the question becomes, who will replace Conte at Spurs? Well, Lipton believes he knows the answer.

Indeed, the journalist says that he suspects that Mauricio Pochettino will be returning to the club in the near future, stating that he will be next season’s manager.

Pochettino to return
Lipton shared what he knows about Conte and Pochettino.

“He’s (Conte) gone. The question is when. Do they let this drag on until the end of the season, inevitably falling apart even further, or do they act now and get in either next season’s manager, who I suspect will be Mauricio Pochettino, or if they can’t get him immediately, let Ryan Mason take it over,” Lipton said.

Would make sense
It’s unclear who Spurs’ next manager will be at this point, but it has to be said that it would make the world of sense if Pochettino did return to the club.

The Argentine has unfinished business at Tottenham, he’s keen to get back into management, he knows Daniel Levy well and he’s adored by the fans.

In all honesty, Spurs have never really moved on from Pochettino, and sometimes the best way to move on from a bygone era is to simply revisit it.

Yes, he didn’t win any trophies during his time at Tottenham, but as most Spurs fans will attest to, his time in charge was a down-sight better than anything we’ve seen since.