Howe makes budget admission, hints at ‘ruthless’ streak & reveals Amanda Staveley visit

Eddie Howe has admitted that he will be under ‘tight constraints’ in the summer, insisting that the club will not have some bottomless pit’ of money to spend.

On outgoings, he’s also accepted that he’ll have to be ‘ruthless’ when it comes to letting certain players go, knowing some tough decisions lie ahead as we prepare for a host of ins and outs.

The boss has also revealed that he invited both Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi to speak with the squad just last week, saying they were ‘absolutely brilliant’ with the players, helping everyone feel connected from ‘top to bottom’ ahead of our final few games.

On our spending plans and summer budget, Howe said: “Regardless of what happens we aren’t going to have a bottomless pit. We’re going to be under tight constraints.

“Whatever we do in the transfer market we are going to be very smart. We’re going to have to be as good as we have in the three transfer windows before it. In the three we’ve had we have been excellent.”

There is set to be a big clear out this summer with a number of fringe players expected to leave the club to make way for new signings.

Although some may be fan favourites from years gone by, Howe has acknowledged that there comes a time when you ‘need to make the decision that will benefit the club’.

Speaking on potential outgoings, Howe added: “I think as a manager you have to be ruthless at the times you need to be. There’s time when you need to show loyalty, and back people. And there’s also times when you need to make the decision that will benefit the club.

“I think I can wear all those hats when I need to. That is the challenge for me.”

The head coach also revealed how a meeting between the squad and co-owners a couple of weeks ago was ‘absolutely brilliant’ and helped to ensure there remains ‘contact’ within the club from ‘top to bottom’.

He said – “I invited Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad up to speak to the squad 10 days ago. Just to have that contact with the owners to be as one from top to bottom.

“They came in and were absolutely brilliant. It was a nice moment for everybody in the room to consolidate with each other and then focus on the games we had.”