‘I was told’: Pundit who used to play for Spurs says European manager has been offered the Tottenham job

Alan Brazil has made quite the claim about Vincent Kompany and Tottenham.

The pundit was reviewing Friday’s newspapers on talkSPORT and a story in The Sun caught his eye stating that Kompany was now considered to be the frontrunner for the Spurs job.

However, Brazil says that he was told weeks ago that Kompany had been offered the Tottenham job, but it’s his understanding that the Belgian had turned the north London club down.

Kompany has rejected Spurs after being offered the job
Brazil shared what he was told about Kompany rejecting the job.

“Nevermind, let’s rewind about four weeks ago I told you this live on the radio, he’s turned it down,” Brazil said.

“He’s turned it down? That’s your understanding? Ken Lawrence in The Sun says that Kompany would be interested in the Spurs job and he’s impressed Daniel Levy with his style of play, but you’re saying it’s not happening?” Brazil was asked.

“It was weeks ago, I like Ken, but it was weeks ago that I was told that,” Brazil said.

Alan Brazil has delivered quite the scoop here, and this could be a reliable source of information.

Having worked for talkSPORT for 20 years, Brazil is bound to know plenty of people within the game, and the fact that he was actually a Tottenham player back in the 1980s leads us to believe that he could have some well-placed sources within Spurs.

Time will only tell whether or not Brazil’s information is reliable, but it sounds as though Kompany won’t be coming to north London anytime soon.

To be honest, it’s not surprising to hear that the Belgian has knocked Spurs back. After all, he has a good thing going at Burnley right now, and if he plays his cards right, the Manchester City job will be his sooner or later.