‘My current information’: Journalist says Tottenham are now favourites to sign £55m player

Tottenham Hotspur, not Newcastle United, are favourites to sign James Maddison.

That is according to Dean Jones who was writing on the Ranks FC Patreon about the Leicester City midfielder.

It has been reported lately that Newcastle may be at the front of the queue to sign Maddison, but Jones has heard differing lines from his sources.Indeed, Jones says his current information suggests that Tottenham do have an edge in the race to sign Maddison, claiming that Spurs are close to the agents working on this deal.

Tottenham are favourites
Jones shared what he knows about Maddison.

“Most people are backing him to join Newcastle but my current information goes slightly against that. I’m told the agents doing the deal are pretty close with Spurs and that is one of a few reasons Tottenham might have an edge here. It’s going to take around £55million to land him. Newcastle say they won’t spend more than £75m this summer but take that with a pinch of salt,” Jones wrote.Agents are important
You can’t underestimate just how important agents are in these kinds of transfer deals.

They really are the puppeteers behind the transfer window show, and if they want Maddison to end up at Spurs, there’s every chance he does go there.

As Alasdair Gold recently reported, Maddison actually has the same agents as Ange Postecoglou, so there is an extra edge for Tottenham there in this deal.

It goes without saying that Maddison would be a fantastic signing for either Tottenham or Newcastle, and if Tottenham could get this one over the line, it could be a truly transformative signing going forwards.