Opinion: Five things we learned from Tottenham’s 4-1 win over Leeds United

Tottenham Hotspur finished the most unstylish season in style this evening with a 4-1 victory over Leeds United, but let’s take a look at the five things we learned Some will see this as a blessing and I tend to agree. With Aston Villa winning, Tottenham will have no European football next season, giving them a chance to concentrate completely on domestic football. Had Europa League been on offer, I would have taken it as there is a chance to qualify for the Champions League by winning. Short of that, I would prefer to concentrate on the rebuild and domestic cups next season.

Harry Kane vs Haaland – from the match:I maintain that Harry Kane could score 36 goals in a season leading the line for Man City, but there is no way that Haaland could score 30 goals in this Tottenham team. Kane is THE all-round footballer in the Premier League, alongside Kevin de Bruyne. I hope he never leaves Spurs, but if he does make the step up, at least the world will finally see his true potential.

He’s Done It! Lucas Moura!

No one wanted to see Lucas leave on the back of a red card and a gift goal to Liverpool. This was the perfect ending. A match in the sunshine and Moura scoring an incredible goal in added time. That will be his legacy at Tottenham thanks to Amsterdam and it felt nostalgic to relive a tiny percentage of that. You could see what it mean to him too. Players who give 100% in every single game are rare and should always be appreciated.

Defence, Defence, Defence –

Despite the positive performance and four goals scored against Leeds, the game was perhaps a perfect highlight of what is wrong with Spurs. They controlled the dictated the game from start to finish, but still couldn’t claim a clean sheet, a problem that has plagued the side all season. When put under pressure, the defence buckles, and that should be the starting point for any rebuild.

Ryan Mason, Give Him The Job –

The record has been poor on paper since Mason took the job, but the football has been far more attacking and entertaining. You could see Mason actually making positive changes, and had he been given an extra month with the squad, a decent European finish would have been possible. It’s far too soon for the Spurs job, but I would be so surprised if Mason wasn’t a full-time manager this time next season. Someone should take the chance on him.