Spurs Stars Vicario and Sarr Enjoy Halloween Magic Show

Happy Halloween everyone! A lot of clubs got into the spirit this year, with Tottenham Hotspur producing a video of a magician that you just have to see. Defender Pape Matar Sarr and No. 1 goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario saw an astonishing card trick that centered around a very elite sleight of hand.

This is really something! Watch the video below:



Pretty cool, huh? Wow! The looks on the faces of Sarr and Vicario really says it al.

They are all of us, on this one. It’s not magic tricks and slight of hand that has Spurs sitting top of the table, but a total squad makeover led by first year manager Ange Postecoglu.


And they have Ewing Theory (a team surprisingly gets a lot better once their best player leaves, it’s named after former center Patrick Ewing leaving the New York Knicks) going on with the departure of Harry Kane.

No one expected that! Tottenham Hotspur will next take on Chelsea FC, in a London derby Premier League fixture on Monday night.