Tottenham supporters can be sure of one thing if Postecoglou is appointed

If and when Ange Postecoglou is appointed as the next Tottenham manager, supporters can be sure that every player who dons the lilywhite will bleed for the team.

One of the obvious implications of Antonio Conte’s demise at Tottenham was a palpable loss of passion amongst the team.Performances not only lacked quality but, most importantly, were devoid of commitment and a desire to play for the badge, the bare minimum supporters demand.

And it’s not a lot to ask. Yet players have lost their way over the past few months, specifically psychologically.

Seeing Conte rip into them in such a disrespectful, humiliating, and public way drained any remaining confidence from the collective. But playing for the badge isn’t about confidence.

The worst example of the side’s complete capitulation occurred at St James’ Park, a demeaning outing in which Tottenham went 3-0 down within nine minutes.

While it was arguably the worst opening nine minutes in Tottenham’s history, the lack of fightback in the subsequent 81 minutes was equally disconcerting.

It’s hard to envision that wholesale concession unfolding on Postecoglou’s watch.The fiery Australian is as passionate as he is motivational. Both are character traits Tottenham is in desperate need of.

He doesn’t accept passengers, no matter how talented. If you don’t work your socks off for the badge, club, and supporters, you won’t play.

While that steadfast belief doesn’t automatically render winning football, it does help build the fundamentals of a thriving culture.

Elevated confidence is often a direct result of a team willing to fight for each other unceasingly. And when the passion returns, wins aren’t usually far off.

Postecoglou has a handful of other favourable character traits, but few are as important as his ability to motivate, galvanize, and hold players accountable.

The salt-of-the-earth Australian can also unleash unfettered anger if the situation calls for it. But his communication is transparent, clear, and genuine, fuelled by passion and not ego.

He gets the best out of his players because he believes in them.Or, to clarify, he believes in those who consistently go to war for the badge, teammates, and supporters. Anyone who doesn’t will quickly find themselves permanently resigned to the cushy chairs on the sideline.

That sounds like the start of something Tottenham supporters can once again be proud of.