Tottenham will only sign Juventus winger on a discount

Ahead of what could be a chaotic transfer market campaign for Juventus, several knots remain unresolved. Therefore, interim sporting director Giovanni Manna landed in London in an attempt to reach a conclusion on several fronts.

The 34-year-old reportedly held a meeting with Tottenham Hotspur officials to discuss the future of Dejan Kulusesvski.

The Swede spent the last 18 months on loan in North London. While the Spurs have the option to secure his services on a permanent basis for 35 million euros, they remain reluctant to trigger the buy-clause.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport via JuventusNews24, Tottenham have requested a discount, otherwise, they will decide against maintaining Kulusevski.

The source claims that the Premier League club isn’t willing to go beyond 30 million after having spent 10 million on loan fees.

For their part, the Bianconeri are facing a dilemma between accepting the offer or bringing the player back to Turin, all while knowing that the winger struggled for form and playing time under the guidance of Max Allegri.

Juve FC say

If Juventus were to accept a 30 million bid for Kulusevski, it would raise the operation’s total to 40 million, which sounds like a fair price – even if we’re accustomed to seeing larger fees being spent in the Premier League.

At the moment, the player might not be too keen on rejoining Juventus with Allegri still at the helm, so if the Bianconeri don’t sell him to Spurs, they may have to search the market for a new buyer, and receive a larger sum is far from guaranteed.